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Statement of Services

BIDSYNC SUPPLIER INFORMATION - Welcome to BidSync's (BidSync) Supplier site.  The BidSync Internet Bid System was created with unique capabilities exclusively for Public Agencies and their Suppliers.

BidSync is a comprehensive tool that Public Agencies can use to organize, automate and manage their entire procurement process.  It is also a powerful tool that Suppliers can use to significantly increase their efficiency and productivity in responding to Public Agency requests for bids and proposals.  The following are just a few of the features that benefit Suppliers:

  1. BidSync can reduce the time and effort required by Suppliers to submit bids and proposals by over 90%.

  2. Every time Suppliers log onto BidSync, they are automatically provided a list of all current bid requests for products or services in the classifications and geographical areas selected by Suppliers.

  3. BidSync automatically notifies Suppliers via email whenever a Public Agency requests a bid or proposal for products or services, or makes a change in a previously sent request for a bid or proposal.

  4. BidSync provides Suppliers with the ability to easily submit multiple bids when they carry more than one product that satisfies bid specifications.

  5. BidSync provides Suppliers with the ability to provide additional information on bids when doing so helps clarify their bid or proposal.

  6. BidSync provides Suppliers with the ability to attach photos, descriptive material, etc. to most bids.

  7. BidSync significantly reduces errors.

  8. Submittals of bids via BidSync are instant.

  9. Even though the capabilities incorporated into BidSync are extensive and sophisticated, using BidSync is simple and easy.

  10. BidSync provides free training during business hours.


Maintenance Repair and Support Plan

The BidSync system is housed in a secure facility and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. BidSync offers phone and Email support from 6:00 AM MST to 6:00 PM MST Monday thru Friday. Please contact Melinda Wells @ 800-990-9339 or

Statement of Guarantee

We can guarantee uptime of 99.8%, All scheduled upgrades are performed between 11:00pm MST and 3:00am MST.

List/State Price


BidSync has structured distinct models for fees which are assessed to Suppliers responding to bid solicitations posted on the BidSync system.  All sales and fees paid to BidSync are final and non-refundable.  Additional models may be added at any time.

Free Bids:  Certain Agencies/Organizations including States, Counties, Cities, Universities, Colleges, and School Districts etc. have chosen to sponsor their bids, thereby paying all associated fees to BidSync on behalf of the Supplier community.  Therefore, BidSync will not charge any fees whatsoever for these bids.  The bids will be clearly marked with a "no fee" icon Fee Waived that shows that the bids are free to Suppliers.

Percentage Fee Bids:  Certain Agencies/Organizations including States, Counties, Cities, Universities, Colleges, and School Districts etc. have selected a pricing model whereby a percentage fee will be charged to the winning Supplier(s) of the awarded bid(s).  These bids will be clearly marked with a One Percent or Two Percent icon that shows that there is a fee associated with the bid.  This pricing model will be clearly defined in the Agency Bid document language.  By registering with BidSync, you agree to pay BidSync a fee equal to the stated percentage of the total amount of all contracts and extensions thereto, for goods and/or services awarded to you for bids solicited "via this system".  The percentage fee will be applicable to all bids, whether submitted electronically or by paper means.  The cap range on the 1% and 2% bids will vary from $10,000 to $100,000 dependent upon what is stated in the actual bid documents.  Unless Supplier and BidSync agree to another arrangement prior to the awarding of a contract, the fee for "one-time" purchases shall be paid to BidSync within thirty (30) days following the receipt of awarded contract by Supplier.  The fee for contracts with "multiple" purchases or payments shall be paid in equal installments based on the total value of the contract, divided by the number of months in the contract period, i.e. a one-year contract would result in Supplier making twelve monthly payments to BidSync.  Exception: If the purchasing Agency/Organization provides BidSync with a monthly report of Purchase Order(s) they send to Supplier then BidSync will bill Supplier the amount stated in the Purchase Order(s) instead of equal payments.  Should actual purchases or payments made by the purchasing Agency/Organization, pursuant to the awarded contract, be greater than the amount indicated when awarded, fee shall be adjusted accordingly at the end of the contract period; and additional payment from Supplier to BidSync shall be based on the purchasing Agency's/Organization's issuance of a Purchase Order(s) indicating the differing amount.  A late fee will accrue at the rate of two percent (2%) per month for any fees not paid when due.  Supplier will also be required to pay all costs of collection.  Notwithstanding the foregoing to the contrary, the fees charged pursuant to this section shall not contravene laws of the State where Supplier is based.  We may, in our sole discretion, change our fee policies, the fees we charge, and some or all of our system or services at any time.  All fees must be paid in U.S. Dollars.  Supplier is responsible for paying any and all applicable taxes.

Yearly Subscription Fee Bids:  Certain Agencies/Organizations including States, Counties, Cities, Colleges, Universities, and School Districts have adopted a yearly subscription pricing model to access their bids.  In order to access the bids for the agencies that have adopted this pricing model, a Supplier will be required to pay an annual fee per regional area.  Bids released by Agencies using this model will be marked with the Annual Fee icon Yearly Subscription Fee Bid icon.

Other:  Some Agencies may require a fee to be paid directly to the Agency.  Please see the Agency's terms and conditions for any fees charged by the Agency.

BidSync Links PLUS™: Additionally, BidSync offers a bid notification service to subscribing Suppliers.  The "BidSync Links PLUS™" service links subscribed Suppliers to thousands of additional bid opportunities nationwide.  All subscription fees paid by registered Suppliers for the BidSync Links PLUS™ notification service are final and non-refundable.  All subscriptions are for up to five (5) users and up to one (1) physical location.  Suppliers with more than one physical location and/or more than five users must subscribe to an Enterprise License subscription.  Enterprise License subscriptions may only be purchased by contacting BidSync directly.  Excess users from one location may not be shared with another location.  All user/locations within the Enterprise License subscription shall renew at the same time and are non-refundable.

BidSync Links PLUS™ Cancellation Policy: Access to bid notifications and applications offered through the BidSync Links PLUS™ Software is provided on a twelve (12) month or six (6) month subscription basis unless otherwise indicated.  Your credit or debit card will be charged immediately for the current amount(s) due.  Except as noted below, all transactions are non-refundable.

Your credit or debit card will be charged on the billing date of your twelve (12) month or six (6) month anniversary unless you cancel your renewal authorization by contacting BidSync by phone (email communications are not accepted). BidSync must receive your renewal authorization cancellation notice at least 72 hours prior to the billing date. If you do not cancel your authorization on a timely basis, your designated account will be charged for the next subscription term.

If your subscription automatically renews and you wish to not renew your subscription, BidSync will provide you a full refund minus a 20% processing fee only if your request is made within 30 days of being charged and only if you have not accessed the BidSync system during the period that your subscription has renewed. You must call BidSync in order to receive a refund (email communications are not accepted). If you have contacted your credit card company regarding the charges before contacting BidSync for a refund, we will not be able to issue a refund since a chargeback with the credit card will already be in process.

Products and Services Information

208-10 QAccounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
208-15 QAviation Software (Flight Control, Ground Support, Testing, etc)
208-18 QBar Code Software (Microcomputer)
208-20 QBusiness Software, Misc.: Agenda, Labels, Mail List, Planning, Scheduling, etc.
208-27 QCommunications: Networking, Linking, etc. (Includes Clustering Software)
208-30 QComputer Aided Design and Vectorization Software
208-37 QDatabase Software
208-39 QDesktop Publishing
208-40 QDriver and Hardware Support Programs
208-42 QEDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Microcomputer
208-43 QEducational: Foreign Languages, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.
208-44 QE-Mail Software
208-45 QExpert System Software
208-46 QE-Commerce Software (Microcomputer)
208-47 QGames: Adventure, Board, Puzzles, Strategy, etc. (See 037-84; 209-48; 785-53; and 805-51 for other type games)
208-50 QGraphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
208-53 QIntegrated Software
208-54 QInternet and Web Site Software for Microcomputers
208-55 QInventory Management
208-57 QLaw Enforcement Software
208-58 QLanguage Translation Software
208-59 QLibrary Information Management Software
208-60 QMedical Software, All Types
208-61 QOCR and Scanner Software
208-63 QPersonnel Software
208-65 QPoint of Sale Software
208-66 QProfessional: Computer Training, Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, etc.
208-67 QProgramming: Basic, Assembler, Computer Assisted Software Engineering Tools (CASE), Libraries, etc.
208-68 QProject Management
208-70 QPrinting Software (Microcomputer)
208-71 QPurchasing Software
208-72 QPurchasing and Accounting Codes for use with PC Software
208-76 QReal Estate/Property Management
208-77 QRecycled Microcomputer Software
208-82 QScientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
208-83 QShipping and Postal Management Software
208-84 QSpread Sheet Software
208-85 QSurveying Systems Software
208-86 QSound or Music Editing Software, Microcomputer
208-87 QTools, Programming and Case
208-90 QUtilities: Back-up, Batch File, Firewall, Menus, Operating System, Network Operating System, Network Management, Recovery, Screen, Security
208-94 QWord Processing, Text Editors, Spell Checkers
209-11 QAccounting/Financial: Bookkeeping, Billing and Invoicing, Budgeting, Payroll, Taxes, etc.
209-22 QBar Code Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-28 QCommunications: Networking, Linking, etc.
209-31 QComputer Aided Design
209-38 QDatabase
209-40 QDesktop Publishing
209-41 QDriver and Hardware Support Programs
209-42 QE-Commerce Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-43 QEDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Translator Software, Mini/Mainframe Computer
209-44 QEducational: Foreign Languages, Math, Science, Social Studies, etc.
209-45 QE-Mail Software
209-46 QExpert System Software
209-48 QGames: Adventure, Board, Puzzles, Strategy, etc.(See 037-84; 208-47; 785-53; and 805-51 for other type games)
209-51 QGraphics: Clip Art, Demos, Presentation, Slide Shows, etc.
209-54 QInternet and Web Site Software for Main Frame Computers
209-56 QInventory Management
209-58 QLanguage Translation Software
209-60 QMusic or Sound Editing Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-62 QOCR and Scanner Software
209-64 QPersonnel Software
209-66 QPoint of Sale Software
209-67 QProfessional: Hospital/Pharmacy, Legal, Computer Training, etc.
209-68 QProgramming: Basic, Assembler, etc.
209-69 QProject Management
209-70 QPrinting Software (Mini/Mainframe Computer)
209-72 QPurchasing Software
209-73 QPurchasing and Accounting Codes for use with Mini/Mainframe Software
209-77 QReal Estate/Property Management
209-78 QRecycled Mainframe Computer Software
209-82 QScientific, Statistical, Engineering, Mathematical, and Mapping Software (Including Photogrammetry)
209-84 QShipping and Postal Management Software
209-85 QSpread Sheet Software
209-86 QSurveying Systems Software
209-88 QTools, Programming and Case
209-91 QUtilities: Back-up, Batch File, Menus, Network Management, Operating System, Recovery, Screen, Security, Virus Protection, etc.
209-95 QWord Processing, Text Editors, Label Makers, Spell Checkers, etc.
918-28 QComputer Hardware Consulting
918-29 QComputer Software Consulting
918-30 QComputer Network Consulting
918-46 QFeasibility Studies (Consulting)
918-90 QStrategic Technology Planning and Consulting Services
918-95 QTelecommunications Consulting
920-02 QAccess Services, Data
920-04 QApplications Software (For Main Frame Systems)
920-07 QApplications Software for Microcomputer Systems: Business, Mathematical/Statistical, Medical, Scientific, etc.
920-14 QApplications Software (For Minicomputer Systems)
920-18 QComputer Aided Design Services
920-19 QComputer Digitizing Services
920-20 QComputer Output to Microfilm (COM) Processing Services
920-21 QData Entry Services
920-22 QData Preparation and Processing Services
920-23 QData Recovery Services
920-24 QData Conversion Services
920-25 QDiskette, CD Rom, and Tape Duplicating Services
920-26 QDesktop Publishing Services
920-27 QE-Commerce Software Development Services
920-28 QEmergency Back-up Services and Facilities for Data Processing
920-29 QFacilities Management Services, Computer
920-31 QInstallation of Computers, Peripherals, and Related Equipment (Including Software)
920-32 QIntelligent Transportation System Software (To Include Design, Development, and Maintenance Services)
920-33 QMapping Services, Digitized, Cartography (See 962-52 for Standard Mapping Services)
920-34 QMedia Conversion Services
920-35 QModification of Existing Equipment (Including Cost of Parts)
920-37 QNetworking Services (Including Installation, Security, and Maintenance )
920-38 QOptical Scanning Services
920-40 QProgramming Services, Computer
920-42 QRecertification/Rehabilitation of Magnetic Media (Disk Packs, Tapes, etc.)
920-43 QRecharging and Remanufacturing of Printer and Fax Cartridges
920-44 QRisk Management for Software Development
920-45 QSoftware Maintenance/Support
920-46 QSoftware Updating Services
920-47 QSupport Services, Computer (Includes Computer Warranties)
920-48 QStorage Services, Data Media
920-49 QSystems/Executive Software, Main Frame
920-56 QSystems/Executive Software, Microcomputer
920-63 QSystems/Executive Software, Minicomputer
920-65 QSystem Requirements Quality Assurance Review
920-77 QTeleprocessing Via Proprietary Data Bases
920-84 QTeleprocessing, Business (Timesharing)
920-90 QTeleprocessing, Scientific, Industrial, Medical, etc. -Timesharing
920-91 QTraining, Computer Based (Software Supported)
920-94 QWord Processing Software, Main Frame
920-95 QWord Processing Software, Microcomputer
920-96 QWord Processing Software, Minicomputer