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Bid numberTitleAgencyLocationBid endTab
RFP 15-12274-TF City of LubbockTexas21 hrs, 17 mins
ITB 15-12364-PD City of LubbockTexas22 hrs, 17 mins
ITB 15-12378-PD City of LubbockTexas22 hrs, 47 mins
ITB 15-12348-SS City of LubbockTexas6 days, 21 hrs
ITB 15-12350-SS City of LubbockTexas7 days, 21 hrs
ITB 15-12377-TF City of LubbockTexas8 days, 21 hrs
RFP 15-12385-MA City of LubbockTexas12 days, 20 hrs
RFP 15-12359-TF City of LubbockTexas12 days, 22 hrs
RFP 15-12383-MA City of LubbockTexas14 days, 21 hrs
RFP 15-12371-MA City of LubbockTexas14 days, 22 hrs
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