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Bid numberTitleAgencyLocationBid endTab
RFP 15-12323-MA City of LubbockTexas2 days, 5 hrs
ITB 15-12318-SS City of LubbockTexas3 days, 4 hrs
RFP 15-12307-MA City of LubbockTexas3 days, 5 hrs
ITB 15-12322-MA City of LubbockTexas3 days, 5 hrs
ITB 15-12320-MA City of LubbockTexas4 days, 5 hrs
RFP 15-12253-MA City of LubbockTexas5 days, 5 hrs
ITB 15-12265-PD City of LubbockTexas9 days, 5 hrs
ITB 15-12321-SS City of LubbockTexas12 days, 4 hrs
ITB 15-12333-DGB City of LubbockTexas12 days, 5 hrs
ITB 15-12331-DGB City of LubbockTexas18 days, 4 hrs
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