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Title  Wireless Telecommunications Services and Equipment
Contract Number  7-10-70-16
Department  State Wide
Description  This WSCA contract provides for wireless telecommunications equipment and services. Department of General Services (DGS), has entered into WSCA contract for Wireless Equipment and Services with Verizon. This is a mandatory contract for statewide use.
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Start Date  Sep 30, 2010
Expiration Date  Jun 30, 2019
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Danh Ngo    PHONE: 916-431-5553    EMAIL:
Supplier  Verizon Wireless
Classifications [431915] Personal communication devices
[432228] Telephony equipment
[432232] Mobile messaging platforms
[811617] Telecommunication Services
[831115] Local and long distance telephone communications
[831116] Mobile communications services
[831122] Enhanced telecommunications services

Contract Documents
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Attachment_A-Contract_Pricing_7-10-70-16_Rev._2_12-09-11.xls   Attachment A-Contract Pricing 7-10-70-16 Rev. 2 12-09-11.xls   [download]   [PDF]    
Attachment_B-Plan_Cost_Comparison_Rev._1_6-24-2011.xls   Attachment B-Plan Cost Comparison Rev. 1 6-24-2011.xls   [download]   [PDF]    
GPIT060810.pdf   GPIT060810.pdf   [download]    
Verizon_7-10-70-16_-_PA_Amdmnt_8.pdf   Verizon 7-10-70-16 - PA Amdmnt 8.pdf   [download]    
User_Instructions_Verizon_Supp_16_Oct_2015.pdf   User Instructions Verizon Supp 16 Oct_2015.pdf   [download]    

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