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Who uses BidSync Contract?

DProcurement Team, CPOs
Department Managers
Lawyers and Paralegals
Contract Specialists/Managers

What can BidSync Contract do?

BidSync Contract provides version tracking of contracts to aid
lawyers and paralegals during the negotiation process. Informative
reporting tools help CPOs and the procurement team in knowing
exactly where the contract is in the process. Contracts specialists
and managers can better manage milestone dates in the solution
as well as monitor supplier performance. Its ability to interface
with the enterprise system is key in communicating information to
many required levels.

Why BidSync Contract?

  • Contract creation, workflow and approvals
  • Alternative clause library
  • Document version management
  • Milestone management with electronic notices
  • Accurate audit trail for workflow approvals
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) compliant
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) compliant

Contract Lifecycle Management begins here

Contract management is all about compliance. Contracts dictate the financial, business and legal terms that define the relationships between agencies and vendors. BidSync’s contract management accelerates contract execution, improves stakeholder collaboration, notifies when certain contractual terms are met and strengthens regulatory compliance on both sides of the negotiation table.

BidSync provides Contract Lifecycle Management (“CLM”) solutions which are critical components of our clients’ overall business strategies, ability to reduce risks, ensure compliance and maintain competitive market advantages.

BidSync Contract strikes the perfect balance between structure, reliability, efficiency and flexibility. The sophisticated software and best practices solutions provide a comprehensive yet easy-to-use web-based enterprise contract management system to request, create, negotiate, approve, execute, manage, retrieve and report on every contract type across the enterprise.

Effective contract management results in the ability to compare transactions in your procurement systems against negotiated contractual terms. Enforce negotiated discounts and rebates and effectively manage on-time supplier delivery prior to releasing milestone service fee payments.

BidSync Contract is your comprehensive, web-based CLM solution that functions as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated component of the BidSync eProcurement™ suite. It is a complete administrative solution that accelerates contract execution, improves stakeholder collaboration and contract oversight, and strengthens regulatory compliance.

BidSync Contract


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“BidSync has increased our efficiency by 90%.”

Robin Rios
Administrative Manager in the County Executive Office, Orange County

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