BidSync Contract

Who uses BidSync Contract?

CPOs and Purchasing Managers
CFOs and Finance Analysts
Lawyers and Paralegals
Department Managers
Contract Managers and Contract Specialists

What is BidSync Contract?

BidSync Contract is an innovative, user-friendly solution that accelerates contract execution and oversight, improves stakeholder collaboration and strengthens regulatory compliance for both agencies and vendors. It reduces risk through standardized language and reporting, as well as allows for powerful Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). BidSync Contract automates contract creation, revision, collaboration and execution.

Why use BidSync Contract?

BidSync Contract strikes the perfect balance between structure, reliability, efficiency and flexibility. The dedicated CLM solution provides full enterprise level contract management with unlimited configuration via the system administration, unlimited contract and data storage, cost effective user and unlimited license packages, standard and custom integration solutions, mobile contracting and streamlined reporting.

BidSync Contract: The key to effective Contract Lifecycle Management

A contract is one of the most important procurement documents administered by a government agency. Contracts dictate the financial, business and legal terms that define the relationships between vendors and customers. In fact, up to 80% of all business-to-business transactions are governed by a formal contractual agreement.

Larger public agencies report that they maintain as many as 40,000 active contracts. This sheer volume makes contract oversight difficult. When combined with the demands for accountability, proper governance and transparency faced by public agencies, the task can be daunting.

That’s why we developed BidSync Contract, an innovative administrative solution that accelerates contract execution, improves stakeholder collaboration and strengthens regulatory compliance. It strikes the perfect balance between structure, reliability, efficiency and flexibility. The sophisticated solution provides a comprehensive yet easy-to-use web-based enterprise contract management system to request, create, negotiate, approve, execute, manage, retrieve and report on every contract type.

BidSync Contract Features and Benefits

  • Provides a secure negotiation portal and contract repository.
  • Provides an accurate audit trail for approvals.
  • Monitors and alerts all contract milestone events.
  • Contains standard and ad hoc report functionality.
  • Realizes full savings and revenue through contract visibility and awareness.
  • Ensures more control and better compliance throughout the contract lifecycle.
  • Reduces legal, financial and regulatory risk through standardized language and reporting.
  • Automates contract creation and collaboration to accelerate time to contract.
  • Measures compliance, deliverables and performance on contracts and vendors.
BidSync Contract


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“BidSync has increased our efficiency by 90%.”

Robin Rios Administrative Manager in the County Executive Office, Orange County