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Get more bids with our “Expanded Network”

BidSync Links PLUS™ utilizes both sophisticated bid monitoring software and a fully staffed research team to locate government bids at the Federal, State and Local level. Our proprietary bid monitoring system runs day and night to keep you updated on new websites and bid opportunities. This system learns from each page and is able to adapt to an ever-changing web environment to capture bid opportunities without delay. With BidSync Links PLUS package options, you can rest assured you’re employing the most sophisticated bid lead service available.

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How We’re Different

BidSync is the only government bid lead service that utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to find and classify bid leads. What does this mean? You receive more – and more relevant – bids.

Most government bid notification services rely solely on keyword identification to match businesses with bid leads. BidSync, with the use of NIGP codes, provides one of the most complete and exhaustive commodity/service code structures available. BidSync has built a sophisticated system to utilize NIGP and NLP to help you identify the bids you’re most interested in.

Best of all, you can rely on BidSync’s friendly and available support and research staff to provide you with the additional assistance you may need. Call or email anytime Monday-Friday during business hours.

  • Relevant bid leads delivered daily via email or text
  • Mobile friendly environment to view and track bid leads
  • Track bids in your area of business
  • Package options to fit any budget
  • Access up to 90,000 new bids every month
  • No wasted time or money tracking bid leads on the web
  • My Bids – a helpful tool to track and organize your bids
  • Real time bid updates to your Bid Center

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