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Title  Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services (WSCA-NASPO Cooperative Agreement)
Contract Number  B27164
Department  State Wide
Description  The Department of General Services (DGS), Procurement Division (PD) has elected to participate in WSCA-NASPO Master Agreements for Computer Equipment, Software, Peripherals and Related Services established by the State of Minnesota. California Participating Addenda are available for use by all State departments and local governmental agencies. Ordering agencies are instructed to review the current User Instructions provided below for ordering information and usage rules.

State departments must follow the Contractor Selection and Request for Offer (RFO) process outlined within the User Instructions prior to executing orders against this Participating Addendum.

Note: State departments are restricted from using these agreements in accordance with MM 05-11, except for those categories not offered under mandatory California Statewide Contracts. Refer to the User Instructions for more information.
Start Date  Sep 1, 2009
Expiration Date  Sep 30, 2015
Contacts  Julie Matthews    PHONE: 916-375-4612    EMAIL:
Classifications [311627] Rolling hardware
[432115] Computers
[432118] Computer data input device accessories
[432320] Computer game or entertainment software
[432324] Development software
[432326] Industry specific software
[551116] Electronic software reference material

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CA_Participating_Addendum_B27164_HP.pdf   CA Participating Addendum_B27164_HP.pdf   [download]    

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User_Instructions_Supplement_6_rev2015-0326.pdf   User Instructions_Supplement 6_rev2015-0326.pdf   [download]    
Approved_Resellers_PA_B27164_rev2014-0703.pdf   Approved Resellers_PA B27164_rev2014-0703.pdf   [download]    

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