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Title  Electronic Payment Acceptance Services (EPAY) MSA - Includes Credit and Debit Card Transactions
Contract Number  5-10-99-02
Department  State Wide
Description  Government Code sections 6160-6166 provides that state agencies accept payment made by means of a credit card or other payment devices.

The Electronic Payment Acceptance Services (EPAY) MSA contract with Elavon offers the following services for state and local governmental agencies:
• Category 1 – Credit and Debit Card Processing
• Category 3 – Electronic Check Conversion

Refer to the EPAY MSA User Instructions below for addtional information.

EPAY MSA Website:
Start Date  Jun 22, 2010
Expiration Date  May 31, 2017
Total Contract Amount $0.00
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Julie Matthews    PHONE: 916-375-4612    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - Elavon, Inc. (formerly known as Nova Information Systems, Inc
Classifications [841215] Banking institutions
[841415] Governmental credit agencies
[841417] Business credit agencies

Contract Documents
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MSA_5-10-99-02_Amendment_2.pdf   MSA 5-10-99-02 Amendment 2.pdf   [download]    
MSA_5-10-99-02_Amendment_1.pdf   MSA 5-10-99-02 Amendment 1.pdf   [download]    
MSA_5-10-99-02.pdf   MSA 5-10-99-02.pdf   [download]    

Contract Attachments
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EPAY_MSA_User_Instructions_rev2015-0429.pdf   EPAY MSA User Instructions rev2015-0429.pdf   [download]    
Authorized_User_Participation_-_Set_Up_Form_[Elavon_MSA_Exhibit_D_Attachment_I_-_Amd_1].xls   Authorized User Participation - Set Up Form [Elavon MSA Exhibit D Attachment I - Amd 1].xls   [download]    
Selected_Services_Signature_Page_-_State_Users__[Elavon_MSA_Exhibit_D_Attachment_II_-_Amd_1].doc   Selected Services Signature Page - State Users [Elavon MSA Exhibit D Attachment II - Amd 1].doc   [download]    
Selected_Services_Signature_Page_-_Local_Users__[Elavon_MSA_Exhibit_D_Attachment_III_-_Amd_1].doc   Selected Services Signature Page - Local Users [Elavon MSA Exhibit D Attachment III - Amd 1].doc   [download]    

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