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Title  Red Hat - System Solutions DVBE, Inc.
Contract Number  SLP-15-70-0159C
Department  General Services, Department of
Description  Red Hat Software, Maintenance, Technical Support
Start Date  Dec 7, 2015
Expiration Date  Nov 30, 2017
Contacts  Steve Lower    PHONE: 916-375-4539    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - System Solutions DVBE, Inc.
Classifications [811122] Software maintenance and support

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System_Solutions_Red_Hat_Signed_Copy_DEC_2015.pdf   System Solutions Red Hat Signed Copy DEC 2015.pdf   [download]    
Systems_Solutions_DVBE_Red_hat_Price_List_NOV_2015.xls   Systems Solutions DVBE Red hat Price List NOV 2015.xls   [download]    

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