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Title  Salmon, Steelhead and Trout Feed
Contract Number  1-15-87-17C
Department  Fish and Wildlife, Department of
Description  Bio-Oregon fish feed for designated groups referenced in "Group Awardees Grid" in Contract Documents below.
Start Date  Jan 26, 2015
Expiration Date  Jan 25, 2018
Total Contract Amount $0.01
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Tom Shinmoto    PHONE: 916-375-5954    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - Bio-Oregon
Classifications [101217] Fish food

Contract Documents
Title Expires
1-15-87-17C_-_Supplement_2.pdf   1-15-87-17C - Supplement 2.pdf   [download]    
1-15-87-17C_-_Supplement_1_-_Pricing_Worksheet.pdf   1-15-87-17C - Supplement 1 - Pricing Worksheet.pdf   [download]    
1-15-87-17C_-_Contract_User_Instructions.pdf   1-15-87-17C - Contract User Instructions.pdf   [download]    
1-15-87-17C_-_Attachment_1_-_Pricing_Worksheet.pdf   1-15-87-17C - Attachment 1 - Pricing Worksheet.pdf   [download]    
1-15-87-17C_-_Attachment_2_-_Additional_Administrative_Requirements.pdf   1-15-87-17C - Attachment 2 - Additional Administrative Requirements.pdf   [download]    
1-15-87-17C_-_Fish_Feed_Waiver_Request.pdf   1-15-87-17C - Fish Feed Waiver Request.pdf   [download]    
Group_Awardees_Grid.pdf   Group Awardees Grid.pdf   [download]    

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