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Title  Salmon, Steelhead and Trout Feed
Contract Number  1-15-87-17A
Department  Fish and Wildlife, Department of
Description  Skretting USA fish feed for designated groups referenced in "Group Awardees Grid" in Contract Documents below.
Start Date  Jan 26, 2015
Expiration Date  Jan 25, 2018
Total Contract Amount $0.01
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Tom Shinmoto    PHONE: 916-375-5954    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - Skretting USA
Classifications [101217] Fish food

Contract Documents
Title Expires
1-15-87-17A_-_Supplemrnt_1_Contract_User_Instructions.pdf   1-15-87-17A - Supplemrnt 1 Contract User Instructions.pdf   [download]    
1-15-87-17A_-_Attachment_1_-_Pricing_Worksheet.pdf   1-15-87-17A - Attachment 1 - Pricing Worksheet.pdf   [download]    
1-15-87-17A_-_Attachment_2_-_Additional_Administrative_Requirements.pdf   1-15-87-17A - Attachment 2 - Additional Administrative Requirements.pdf   [download]    
1-15-87-17A_-_Fish_Feed_Waiver_Request.pdf   1-15-87-17A - Fish Feed Waiver Request.pdf   [download]    
Group_Awardees_Grid.pdf   Group Awardees Grid.pdf   [download]    

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