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Title  Toner and Ink Cartridges, Remanufactured
Contract Number  1-15-75-61
Department  State Wide
Description  Prison Industry Authority (PIA) waiver is not required. This contract shall not offer models of Remanufactured toner or ink cartridges available by California PIA.

The State’s contract with Rasix Compuyer Center, Inc., dba Academic Supplier (contractor) provides Toner and Ink Cartridges REMANUFACTURED at contracted pricing to the State of California and local governmental agencies in accordance with the requirements of Contract # 1-15-75-61. The contractor shall supply the entire portfolio of products as identified in the contract and will be the primary point of contact for data collection, reporting, and distribution of Toner and Ink Cartridges REMANUFACTURED to the State.
The contract term is for three (3) years with an option to extend the contract for two (2) additional one (1) year period or portion thereof. The terms, conditions, and prices for the contract extension option shall be by mutual agreement between the contractor and the State. If a mutual agreement cannot be met the contract may be terminated at the end of the current contract term.
In accordance with Public Contract Code (PCC), Section 12156, it is unlawful to prohibit a printer or duplication cartridge that is sold to the state from being recycled or remanufactured, except as specified in subdivision (b).
Start Date  Jan 27, 2015
Visibility  Agency Only
Expiration Date  Jan 26, 2018
Total Contract Amount $0.0001
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Steve Funderburk    PHONE: 916-375-4446    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - Rasix Computer Center, Inc.   Qualifications: SB
Solicitation  #1410-001 - TONER, REMANUFACTURED
Classifications [441031] Printer and facsimile and photocopier supplies

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User_Instructions_1-15-75-61_-_Supplement_2.pdf   User Instructions 1-15-75-61 - Supplement 2.pdf   [download]    
  Attachment A Core NonCore Catalog Pricing 1-15-75-61 - Supplement 2.xlsx   [download]    
Attachment_B_-_Specification_3610-2991.pdf   Attachment B - Specification 3610-2991.pdf   [download]    
  Attachment C - Request for California User IDs and Passwords.xlsx   [download]    
Attachment_D_-_Cartridge_Take-Back_System.pdf   Attachment D - Cartridge Take-Back System.pdf   [download]    
  Attachment E Postconsumer Content Certification Workbook.xlsx   [download]    

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