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Title  Specialty and Infusion Pharmacy
Contract Number  1-14-65-57
Department  State Wide
Description  Contract to provide Specialty and Infusion Pharmaceuticals and services pricing to Participating Entities.
Start Date  Oct 16, 2014
Visibility  Agency Only
Expiration Date  Oct 15, 2017
Total Contract Amount $0.00
Contacts  Rhonda Kitchen    PHONE: 916-375-4465    EMAIL:
Solicitation  #1404-001 - Specialty and Infusion Pharmacy RFP, State of California
Classifications [511216] Antianginal drugs
[511219] Drugs used for congestive heart failure
[511222] Antihypotensive drugs
[511315] Antianemic drugs
[511317] Thrombolytic drugs and platelet aggregation inhibitors
[511424] Drugs used for vascular and migraine headaches
[511425] Antiparkinson drugs
[511428] Anti amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS drugs
[511515] Cholinergic drugs and cholinesterase inhibitors
[511617] Drugs used for respiratory tract disorders
[511719] Antiulcer and related gastrointestinal GI drugs
[511720] Drugs used for gallbladder disease
[511816] Thyroid and antithyroid drugs
[512700] Anaesthetic drugs and related adjuncts and analeptics
[512815] Antitubercular drugs
[513000] Antifungal drugs
[513400] Antiviral drugs
[513900] Sympathomimetic or adrenergic drugs
[514000] Tranquilizers and antimanic and antianxiety drugs
[514300] Antihypertensive drugs

Contract Documents
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Attachment_A_-_revised_4-30.pdf   Attachment A - revised 4-30.pdf   [download]      Oct 15, 2017   
User_Instructions_edited_October_2015.pdf   User Instructions_edited_October_2015.pdf   [download]    
WIRS_Intake_Referral_Form-Attachment_B.pdf   WIRS Intake_Referral Form-Attachment B.pdf   [download]      Oct 15, 2017   
WSP_Intake_Referral_Form_Attachment_C.pdf   WSP Intake_Referral Form Attachment C.pdf   [download]      Oct 15, 2017   
Attachment_D_-_Pricing_4-30-15.pdf   Attachment D - Pricing_4-30-15.pdf   [download]      Oct 15, 2017   
Attmnt_E-_map-Walgreens_Participating_Entities.pdf   Attmnt E- map-Walgreens_Participating Entities.pdf   [download]      Oct 15, 2017   
FINAL_Contract_complete_w-Amendments.pdf   FINAL Contract complete w-Amendments.pdf   [download]    
Restricted_Limited_Distribution_Products_July_2015_-_External.pdf   Restricted Limited Distribution Products July 2015 - External.pdf   [download]    

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