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Title  Smart Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
Contract Number  1-14-61-14C
Department  State Wide
Description  Smart electric vehicle charging stations
- Group 2, Network Management Services
- Group 3, EVSE Hardware and Services
Start Date  Oct 24, 2014
Visibility  Agency Only
Expiration Date  Oct 23, 2017
Contacts  Dion Campos    PHONE: 916-375-4478    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - OpConnect, LLC
Classifications [251750] Electric vehicle charging systems

Contract Documents
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  Sup1 - Contract 1-14-61-14C - User Instructions.docx   [download]    
Exhibit_1,_Level_2_Smart_EVSE_Charger_6150-2480sr2.doc   Exhibit 1, Level 2 Smart EVSE Charger 6150-2480sr2.doc   [download]    
Exhibit_2,_Network_Management_Serv._Spec_6150-2480nr1.doc   Exhibit 2, Network Management Serv. Spec 6150-2480nr1.doc   [download]    
  Exhibit 4, Group 2 Network Management Services Cost.xlsx   [download]    
  Sup1 - Exhibit 5, Group 3 Hardware Services Cost.xlsx   [download]    
Exhibit_7,_Group_3_Catalog.pdf   Exhibit 7, Group 3 Catalog.pdf   [download]    

Contract Attachments
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  EVSE Specialist Contact Listing.docx   [download]    
Sample_RFO_Document.doc   Sample RFO Document.doc   [download]    

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