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Title  Wood Sign Posts, Wood Guardrail Posts and Blocks
Contract Number  1-14-55-10-A
Department  Transportation, Department of (Caltrans)
Description  The contractor shall provide Wood Sign Posts, Wood Guardrail Posts and Blocks at contracted pricing to the State of California/Department of Transportation (DOT) in accordance with the requirements of Contract #1-14-55-10-A.
Start Date  Oct 10, 2014
Expiration Date  Oct 9, 2017
Total Contract Amount $0.01
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Sallianne Salinas    PHONE: 916-375-4486    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - HIGHWAY WOOD OF THE WEST, INC.   Qualifications: SB
Solicitation  #1405-001 - Wood Sign Posts, Guardrail Posts, Laminated Box Posts and Survey Stakes
Classifications [301017] Beams

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1-14-55-10-A_User_Instructions.pdf   1-14-55-10-A User Instructions.pdf   [download]    

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Attachment_A_-_Highway_Wood_of_the_West.XLS   Attachment A - Highway Wood of the West.XLS   [download]    

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