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Title  Fusees, Red (without spikes) and Fusees, Red, Automatic Ignition
Contract Number  1-14-13-01
Department  State Wide
Description  The State's contract with Standard Fusee Corporation (contractor) provides Fusees, Red (without spikes) and Fusees, Red, Automatic Ignition at contracted pricing to the State of California and local governmental agencies in accordance with the requirements of contract # 1-14-13-01. The contractor shall supply the enrire portfolio of products as identified in the contract and in compliance with State of California Bid Specification Number 1390-2677A dated July 30, 2014 and Specification Number 1390-2677B dated July 30, 2014 (Attachment B).
Start Date  Oct 21, 2014
Visibility  Agency Only
Expiration Date  Oct 20, 2017
Total Contract Amount $0.00
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Lillian Jue    PHONE: 916-441-9644    EMAIL:
Solicitation  #1408-019 - Fusees, Red (without spikes) and Red Automatic Ignition
Classifications [121316] Pyrotechnics

Contract Documents
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1-14-13-01_Contract_User_Instructions_Supplement_2.pdf   1-14-13-01 Contract User Instructions Supplement 2.pdf   [download]    
Attachment_A-Contract_Pricing.pdf   Attachment A-Contract Pricing.pdf   [download]    
Attachment_B-_State_of_California_Specifications_1390-2677A_and_1390-2677B.pdf   Attachment B- State of California Specifications 1390-2677A and 1390-2677B.pdf   [download]    

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