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Title  Continuous Feed Roll Stock (Paper, Printing and Writing)
Contract Number  1-14-75-41F
Department  Franchise Tax Board
General Services, Department of
Description  The State's Mandatory contract with PAPER DISTRIBUTORS INC. provides PAPER, CONTINUOUS FEED ROLL STOCK at conracted pricing to the State of California, OFFICE OF STATE PUBLISHING and FRANCHISE TAX BOARD.

The contract term of the contract will be for three (3) years. The contract will contain two (2) extion option(s) for one(1) year each or portion thereof.
Start Date  Sep 26, 1914
Visibility  Agency Only
Expiration Date  Oct 25, 2017
Total Contract Amount $1.00
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Eileen Tardiff    PHONE: 916-375-4463    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - Paper Distributors Inc   Qualifications: SB
Classifications [141115] Printing and writing paper

Contract Documents
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Supp_2_-_1-14-75-41F_User_Instructions.pdf   Supp 2 - 1-14-75-41F User Instructions.pdf   [download]    
  1-14-75-41F- Attachment A- Contract Pricing- Paper Distributors.xlsx   [download]    
1-14-75-41F-_Attachment_B-_Specification_9310-2710-_Paper_Distributors_Inc..pdf   1-14-75-41F- Attachment B- Specification 9310-2710- Paper Distributors Inc..pdf   [download]    
1-14-75-41F-_Attachment_B-_Specification_9310-2711_Paper_Distributors_Inc..docx.pdf   1-14-75-41F- Attachment B- Specification 9310-2711 Paper Distributors Inc..docx.pdf   [download]    
1-14-75-41F-_Attachment_C-_Postconsumer_Content_Cert._-_Paper_Distributors.pdf   1-14-75-41F- Attachment C- Postconsumer Content Cert. - Paper Distributors.pdf   [download]    

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