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Title  Hand and Power Tools
Contract Number  7-14-99-20.02
Department  State Wide
Description  This WSCA Participating Addendum provides Hand and Power Tools
Start Date  Jul 21, 2014
Expiration Date  Sep 19, 2017
Contacts  Lori Tomita    PHONE: 916-375-4580    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - Hilti Inc.
Classifications [271115] Cutting and crimping and punching tools
[271116] Forming tools
[271118] Measuring and layout tools
[271119] Rough and finishing tools
[271120] Agriculture, forestry and garden handtools
[271121] Holding and clamping tools
[271122] Masonry and concrete tools
[271123] Marking tools
[271124] Fastener setting tools
[271125] Prying and bending tools
[271126] Sealing tools
[271127] Power tools
[271129] Dispensing tools
[271130] Brushes
[271131] Pulling tools
[271132] Tool kits
[271133] Precision hand tools

Contract Documents
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7-14-99-20.02_Hilti.pdf   7-14-99-20.02 Hilti.pdf   [download]    
7-14-99-20.02_Hilti_Price_List_1.10.2014.pdf   7-14-99-20.02 Hilti Price List 1.10.2014.pdf   [download]    
7-14-99-20.02_Hilt_Price_Adjustment_Letter_11.1.2013.pdf   7-14-99-20.02 Hilt Price Adjustment Letter 11.1.2013.pdf   [download]    
7-14-99-20.02_Hilti_Price_List_1.1.2015.pdf   7-14-99-20.02 Hilti Price List 1.1.2015.pdf   [download]    
7-14-99-20.02_Hilti,_Am1.pdf   7-14-99-20.02 Hilti, Am1.pdf   [download]    

Contract Attachments
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User_Instructions_9.17.14.pdf   User Instructions 9.17.14.pdf   [download]    
User_Instructions_Sup1.pdf   User Instructions Sup1.pdf   [download]    

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