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Title  PC Goods - Category Monitors - Dell (TIG)
Contract Number  1-13-70-05
Department  State Wide
Description  PC Goods - Category Monitors Dell (TIG)

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Start Date  Jun 11, 2013
Expiration Date  Jun 10, 2017
Mandatory  Mandatory
Contacts  Tina Larios    PHONE: 916-443-9776    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - PC Specialist Inc dba TIG (Technology Integration Group)
Classifications [432119] Computer displays

Contract Documents
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Contract_1-13-70-05_User_Instructions,_Supplement_7.pdf   Contract 1-13-70-05 User Instructions, Supplement 7.pdf   [download]    
  Attachment A - Contract Pricing Rev 01-07-16.xlsx   [download]    
  Attachment B Exhibit 11 30C Monitor Common Configurations.xlsx   [download]    
  Attachment C Take Back-Trade In 1-13-70-05.docx   [download]    
Attachment_D_Supplier_Performance_Report.doc   Attachment D Supplier Performance Report.doc   [download]    
  Attachment E - Energy Data Rev 12-07-15.xlsx   [download]    

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