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Title  Certified Shorthand Reporters, Transcription, and Other Associated Services
Contract Number  5-12-99-05
Department  State Wide
Description  The Certified Shorthand Reporters, Transcription and Other Associated Services Master Service Agreement (MSA) provides State of California and local government agencies with an opportunity to acquire these services quickly and easily. The Department of General Services (DGS) established this leveraged MSA pursuant to Public Contract Code (PCC) 10298 and 10299. The use of this MSA is optional for all State of California and local governmental agencies.

Questions regarding the MSA should be directed to the State Contract Administrator listed below.
Start Date  Jun 12, 2012
Expiration Date  May 31, 2017
Contacts  Stacy Jarvis    PHONE: 916-375-4378    EMAIL:
Supplier  # - Huntington Court Reporters & Transcription, Inc.   Qualifications: SB
Solicitation  #RFP CSR2012 - Certified Shorthand Reporters, Transcription, and Other Associated Services
Classifications [801615] Management support services
[821116] Non technical writing

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5-12-99-05_A1.pdf   5-12-99-05 A1.pdf   [download]    
5-12-99-05_-_STD_213_Huntington.pdf   5-12-99-05 - STD 213 Huntington.pdf   [download]    
Exhibit_A_-_SCOPE_OF_WORK.pdf   Exhibit A - SCOPE OF WORK.pdf   [download]    
Exhibit_C_-_GENERAL_TERMS_AND_CONDITIONS.pdf   Exhibit C - GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.pdf   [download]    
Exhibit_D_-_SPECIAL_TERMS_AND_CONDITIONS.pdf   Exhibit D - SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.pdf   [download]    
Exhibit_E_-_Price_List_Huntington.pdf   Exhibit E - Price List Huntington.pdf   [download]    
Exhibit_F_-_CONTRACTOR_RANKING_MATRIX.pdf   Exhibit F - CONTRACTOR RANKING MATRIX.pdf   [download]    

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